ginOmai is a web services and internet consulting company.

We do site creation and administration using tools and technology that allow a web site to be a point of pride for a company. Everything from straight-forward text sites to dynamic, multimedia sites to advanced, database driven site fall within our realm.

We also do web and internet consulting, helping companies to plan out the future of their internet presence. What is it that you want your web site to do or say? Is it simply an informational resource for people to find answers, is it a way for people to find out more about your company, is it a way for customers to order products or services from you? Knowing what you want to do helps to create the best site possible!

Combining these two ideas, we help companies to create a web site that is appropriate for their customer-base. This means creating sites that are simpler for those customers who are new to the internet arena, and allowing for more complex solutions for those who are internet-savy.